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Register a Participant Card

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What benefits does a Participant Card offer?

Карта предоставляет доступ ко всем локациям и мероприятиям фестиваля.

To participate

Купить тур, в состав которого входит карта участника, ски-пасс и проживание в выбранном отеле курорта «Роза Хутор». Или купить карту участника отдельно в Штабе фестиваля в период его проведения, если проживание в отеле не нужно. Стоимость карты смотри в FAQ.


How can I participate in the festival?

To become a festival participant, you need to have a festival participant's pass. It can be purchased as part of a package tour at, which also includes accommodation at a selected hotel in the "Rosa Khutor" ski resort and a ski pass for the festival days.

If you do not need accommodation and a ski pass, you can purchase a participant's pass separately at the Festival HQ (offline) during the festival period or at

What benefits does a Participant Pass offer?

Free access to all festival facilities, a participant gift set (given to the first 600 participants that purchased the tour), free access to concerts and parties, and bonuses and discounts offered by festival partners.

What's included in the tour?

The tour price includes:

  • accommodation in the selected hotel of the Rosa Khutor resort (from 0 * to 5 *),
  • ski pass (for all the ski lifts of the Rosa Khutor resort) and
  • festival participant's pass (access to all festival venues and events).
I want to buy a tour.

You can buy a tour by following the link.

You need to choose:

  • tour type (Standard or VIP)
  • amount of days at the festival
  • amount of people on the tour (= amount of participant's cards and ski passes)
  • desired hotel (0 * -5 *) and type of accommodation
What the tour price consists of?

The tour price consists of several components:

  • tour type (Standard or VIP)
  • amount of days at the festival
  • amount of people on the tour (= amount of participant's passes and ski passes)
  • desired hotel (0 * -5 *) and type of accommodation
How can I buy the cheapest tour?

If you are looking to purchase a tour at a better price, take a look at Early Bird Tours, which run in the first months of sales (October-November).

Choosing a hotel of a lower category will also help to reduce the cost of the tour. You can find a description of hotels with categories on the Hotels page.

How can I buy the most expensive and prestigious tour and what will I get after?

To buy a tour at a higher price, you need to choose when buying:

  • VIP tour type:
  • accommodation in 4 * and 5 * hotels.

When buying a VIP tour, you get:

  • all the preferences of the Standard package;
  • access to the festival's VIP zones, where bloggers and pro-riders often hang out;
  • branded gift set at the festival's HQ upon registration;
  • unlimited access and priority in registration to training and sports programs;
  • the pleasure of owning a VIP-pass ;)
Can I make changes to an already purchased tour or exchange it for another one?

Names of participants, email, phone number can be changed at any time before the Festival starts. To make changes into the voucher send an application in any form to [email protected] In the letter mention your voucher number, phone number and what needs to be changed.

Application processing will take no more than two business days.

You cannot exchange a tour for other dates, change a hotel or room category, exchange a VIP pass for a Standard, or change the number of participants. You will need to return the tour and purchase a new one.

To cancel a reservation send a request in any form to [email protected] In the letter indicate your voucher number and phone number. Application processing will take no more than two business days.

Rules for refunds if the festival is canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If the festival is canceled in 2021 due to the ban on holding mass events in the Krasnodar Territory, we will postpone the festival to the next year.

The package of services that you purchase on our website consists of hotel accommodation, a ski pass, and a participant's pass, which is a ticket to the festival. According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 830 of June 6, 2020, when the event is postponed, no refunds are made for tickets. However, we made a decision, if the festival is postponed, we fully return the funds for the cards.

Therefore, if the festival is postponed, the following options will be available to you:

If mass events are prohibited, but visiting the resort and staying in hotels is allowed, you can:

- cancel the whole package - we will refund the money in full,

- visit the resort on the dates booked - we will refund the money for the participant's pass in full,

- in addition to the options above, you can transfer the participant's pass to the next year.

  1. If public events are prohibited and the resort is closed, you can:

- cancel the whole package - we will refund the money in full,

- transfer the participant's pass to the next year - we will refund the cost of accommodation and ski pass.

If we have to make a decision to postpone the festival, we will immediately inform the participants about it on our website and on the social networks of the festival.

In all the other cases, for a refund, you will need to fill out an application specifying the return option (full refund/refund of the pass only / full refund and transfer of the pass to the next year/visit to the resort and transfer of the pass to the next year) and send a photo or scan of the application you signed to [email protected]

We will review your application and return the money within 3 months from the date we received your application.

What activities does the festival program cover?

The camp program is divided into three areas: sports, music, and education.

Sports include competitions and performances in snowboarding and freeskiing and motocross.

The musical part of the program offers parties and concerts featuring guest stars and DJs. Daytime performances take place at the snow park (1600 m), including the apres-ski at the «Grusha» bar with perfect sunset views. Night-time concerts and parties are held across various facilities in «Rosa Khutor» Resort.

The educational program covers lectures, workshops, and movie screenings with leading speakers from across various industries.

Access to all festival activities and facilities is free by your participant's pass.

Where do festival participants stay?

Mainly in hotels in the «Rosa Khutor» resort (0*–5*) located at 560 m high («Rosa Dolina») and 1170 («Rosa Plateau»).

The festival tour purchased on also includes a ski pass for every participant's pass. The ski pass is valid for the number of nights of your stay minus 1.

What do I need to do to participate?

Your full participation requires signing up for a Participant Pass. You can purchase a Participant Pass as part of the tour package (that also includes accommodation and a ski pass) on or if not using a tour package at the festival office during the festival.

Then you have to register. Anyone can apply to register a Participant Pass on the festival's website (if the pass was purchased as part of a tour package).

If you couldn't sign up on the website or just wish to purchase a pass without signing up for a tour package, you can also register offline at the festival head office during the festival.

We strongly recommend you to apply beforehand, fill in the online questionnaire accurately, and don't forget to add your photo. This will help you to save time when registering at the festival office.

How can I book accommodation for the festival dates?

You can book a tour with accommodation at Rosa Khutor and make a payment on the «Buy a tour» page from October 1. Select your dates and hotel. Ski pass and Participant Pass are included in the tour package.

Могу ли я сдать купленный тур?

Да, вы можете отменить бронирование в любое время до начала Фестиваля. Стоимость ски-пасса и браслета участника возвращается за минусом сервисного сбора 5%, стоимость проживания возвращается в соотвествии с правилами отмены отеля и за минусом сервисного сбора 5%.

Правила отмены отелей:

Park Inn, Radisson, Ski Inn SPA Hotel, Rosa Ski Inn - отмена возможна до 21 февраля 2021 г. 22:59:59

Mercure, Отель 28, Rosa Village, Приют Панды, AZIMUT Freestyle, апартаменты Valset by Azimut - отмена возможна до 07 марта 2021 г. 23:59:59

Riders Lodge - отмена до возможна до 15 декабря 2020 г. 23:59:59

Tulip Inn, Golden Tulip, AYS Design Hotel **, Green Flow и Skypark - отмена возможна до 15 марта 2021 г. 23:59:59

(по мере добавления отелей на сайт данные будут обновляться)

Rosa Springs - отмена со штрафом в размере 1 суток размещения возможна до 21 марта 2021 г. 23:59:59

Для отмены бронирования отправьте заявку в произвольной форме на [email protected]. В письме укажите номер вашего ваучера и контактный телефон. Обработка заявки займет не более трех рабочих дней. Оплата вернется на карту, с которой было совершено бронирование.

How many days is the ski pass valid in the tour?

On long tours (from 7 to 10 days) the number of days in the ski pass is equal to the number of nights on the tour minus 1, and in short (from 3 to 6 days) the number of days in the ski pass is equal to the number of nights on the tour.

Example 1.

You bought a long tour for 9 days. The ski pass on such a tour is valid for 7 days out of 9. The first and last days, in this case, are considered the days of arrival and departure. You can use your ski pass from the first day of the tour. In case you are planning to ride on the day of arrival/departure, you can always buy an additional ski pass for the days you need at the box office of the Rosa Khutor resort.

Example 2.

You bought a short tour for 5 days, the ski pass in such a tour is valid for 4 days out of 5. One of the days is considered the day of departure or arrival. You can use your ski pass from the first day of the tour. In case you are planning to ride on the day of arrival/departure, you can always buy an additional ski pass for the days you need at the box office of the Rosa Khutor resort.

What's a VIP tour and how can I purchase it?

This is a special tour package offering advanced participation options:

  • accommodation, ski pass, VIP Participant Pass
  • VIP area in the chill-out zone at the snow park (1600 m)
  • special entry and zones at festival parties and concerts in «Rosa Hall»
  • fast-track registration at the festival head office
  • branded gift pack
If I don't need accommodation and want to purchase a festival participant's pass only?

In case if you already have accommodation at the `'Rosa Khutor" ski resort, you can purchase a festival participant's pass separately. This can be done at the festival's HQ (offline) from March 26 till April 4, 2021.

It is important to remember that the participant's pass (when purchased separately) doesn't give a discount on the ski pass and is not a ski pass itself, so do not forget to purchase a ski pass at the Rosa Khutor ticket offices in order to be able to ride the slopes of the resort and have access to the festival locations.

How much does the NSC 2021 participant pass cost if I purchase it separately (from the tour)?

The cost of a participant's card for 1-3 days (in a row) is 5,000 rubles, for 4-10 days (in a row) - 8,000 rubles, VIP - 20,000 rubles (sold out).

How can I check-in when arrived at the festival?

Show your voucher (confirmation of the tour purchasing, which you got on your e-mail address after purchase) and your passport at the reception of your hotel or give your booking number.

Where can I get the Participant Pass when arrived at the resort?

You can register and get your Participant Pass at the festival head office on Flags Alley in the Mountain Olympic Village (Rosa Plateau, 1170 m), Paseka street, 3. Participant registration is open from March 26 to April 4, 2021. The head office is open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 p.m.

Где находится Штаб фестиваля?

Штаб Фестиваля находится на курорте "Роза Хутор", в Горной Олимпийской деревне (Роза Плато 1170) по адресу ул. Пасека, д.3.




Air tickets and transfers.

You can buy air tickets from your city to Sochi airport at any online air ticket sales service or at the ticket offices of your city.

All the information on how to get to the "Rosa Khutor" resort you can look at the resort's website or on our website below in the FAQ.

Can I visit festival events without a Participant Pass?

Access to all events and activities during the festival is only available with the Participant Pass.

How can I get to the Rosa Khutor Resort?

There are a number of ways to get from Sochi Airport to Rosa Khutor Resort, where the New Star Camp head office is located:

  1. Lastochka speed train:

Sochi Airport (Adler) — Rosa Khutor, every day. Travel time — 40-45 min.

Free transfer is offered from Rosa Khutor railway station to your hotel. Please find timetables and ticket prices on the official RZD website.

2. Bus:

Sochi Airport (Adler) — Rosa Khutor

Routes: 105, 105e (express),105e, 135, 135e.

Travel time from Adler — around 1.5 hours. Travel time from Sochi — 2 hours.

3. Car-sharing (a cool life hack: rent a shared car together with your friends to save money):

Sochi Airport (Adler) — Rosa Khutor



The free car-sharing parking lots in Rosa Dolina (560 m) are located behind the entrance of the Rosa Hall arena and not far from the Trikoni restaurant. The parking lot in the Mountain Olympic Village (Rosa Plateau, 1170 m) is located right at the entrance, next to the barrier gate.

4. You can take a free ski bus from Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok to get to the chairlifts. The last stop in the parking lot of the Rosa Hall arena (5–7-minute walk from Olympia and Strela ropeways).

Please view the shuttle bus timetable on the official Rosa Khutor website.

5. You can always take a taxi from the airport or use the Yandex Go app, travel time is around 40 min.

6. Shuttle buses: leave the airport when they are full.

Can I rent skiing/snowboarding equipment at the resort?

You can rent boots, snowboards/skis or purchase them at the nearest store:

Riders Test & Rent — equipment, servicing, and testing snowboards and skis (opposite the «Yuventa» chairlift);

Quiksilver store. There you can purchase the equipment at bargain prices (Rosa Plateau, 1170 m, next to the camp head office).

How do I register for training programs during the festival?

The day before the Roxy Yoga / Fitness, Go Snowboarding, Go Ski, and Go Kids (10+) training programs, we publish a special link to the online registration for the upcoming workout at our Telegram-channel. The number of places for training programs is limited.